Building on Simpson near Duffy’s to be torn down

Grays Harbor County is preparing to tear down the old two-story Mexican store on Simpson next to Duffy’s in Aberdeen.

County Public Services Director Kevin Varness says the county got stuck with the property after the owners didn’t pay their taxes and it couldn’t be sold at auction.

The City of Aberdeen condemned the building and ordered the county to either bring it up to code or tear it down.

Varness says the county has spent about $10,000 on asbestos work at the building and plans to put a demolition contract out to bid soon. He says the county will likely spend about $60,000 on the entire demolition process, including placing rock on the vacant lot.

The building at 1701 Simpson once housed a Mexican store, plus a small restaurant and had apartments upstairs.

It has fallen into disrepair, Varness said. The Assessor’s Office says the 5,625-square-foot building was built in 1927 and is located on an 8,050-square-foot lot with a combined value of $171,400.

Varness said the building will likely be torn down in August.