Candidate filings trickling in as Friday deadline approaches

A few Aberdeen and Hoquiam City Council members will face opponents in the upcoming election as filings continue to trickle in.

Incumbent Denny Lawrence will face Michelle Barclay in the Sixth Ward of the Aberdeen City Council. Incumbent Hoquiam Councilman Gregory Grun will face Harold Delorme for his Fourth Ward seat, while Denise Anderson will challenge incumbent Hoquiam Councilwoman Brenda Carlstrom in the Fifth Ward.

However, several Hoquiam City Council seats are still without candidates. Incumbents John Wiedl and Kay Diehm have not filed, nor have any potential challengers. Bryon Hyde doesn’t plant to run for another term, and no one has stepped up to file for the seat.

In Ocean Shores, incumbent Councilwoman Jackie Farra will face challenger Troy Crawford. No one has filed for the open Position 7 seat.

In Montesano, two incumbent council members have not yet filed with the County Auditor’s Office to retain their seats, as of Thursday morning.

Montesano Councilman Rich Klinger, who recently retired from his position with the Montesano Post Office, said Thursday he was leaning against running for re-election. And Montesano Councilman Doug Streeter, who was appointed to a vacant position when former Councilman Rocky Howard resigned, has not yet filed to retain his seat. Streeter is the interim general manager of the Grays Harbor PUD as the PUD Commissioners search for a permanent general manager. As a result, Streeter hasn’t been able to make all of his committee meetings and missed Tuesday’s council meeting. Streeter didn’t return messages asking if he plans to file to retain his seat.

At this point, of the four positions on the ballot this year, only councilmen Chris Hutchings and Pat Herrington have filed for re-election. No one has filed to run against either of them.

A council biography on the city’s official website states that Hutchings has been in office since June of 2008 and was elected to his post a year later. His city vision is “a nice, diverse, open, and friendly community that I can age in and my children will say they enjoyed growing up in.” Herrington, who works at the Driver’s License office in Hoquiam, was first elected to the council in November of 2005. His city vision is “a city where all citizens can enjoy the many advantages and benefits of small town life.”

Klinger has been on the council since 2005. In January, he retired from his position with the Montesano Post Office. He says his plans include heading south for the winters with his wife.

“That would keep me out of the city for up to three months at a time,” Klinger said. “I don’t know if it would be fair to the city for me to be on the council with that kind of schedule.”

Klinger has missed a couple council meetings lately, but he’s been calling in to council meetings and interacting via a Web camera. That has allowed him to still vote on important issues.

“I’m leaning against running,” he said. “I was going to give myself until Friday sometime until I decided what to do.”

If no one files for Klinger’s or Streeter’s positions, or any other vacant position for that matter, the county is already preparing to open a special filing period.

“It’s pretty common to have a few open positions even after our filing period ends,” Grays Harbor Elections Administrator Katy Moore said Thursday.

That special filing period could be May 29, 30 and 31.

The county won’t make a decision on special filing periods until filing for public office ends at 5 p.m. on Friday.

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Daily World writer Amelia Dickson contributed to this report.