Chain of accidents snarl traffic on Simpson Bridge

The Simpson Avenue Bridge will be closed for several hours this afternoon for repairs, according to a press release issued this morning by WSDOT officials.

Sometime early this morning, a freight truck plowed into an overhead beam on the bridge losening the beam, which was then hit by a truck hauling wood chips some time around 7:15 a.m. Officers from the Hoquiam Police Department closed off one of the lanes of the bridge and fifteen minutes later, a 1990 Ford Ranger driven by a woman struck a flatbed tow truck that had slowed to merge into another lane. The woman later told police that the rising sun was in her eyes. The man driving the tow truck was transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital with possible neck injuries. The woman was uninjured, but her truck was severely damaged. Police cited her for following too close.

The bridge, built in 1927, is in the process of a major resoration project.