Charges added in Ocean Shores vehicular homicide case

An Ocean Shores woman accused of vehicular homicide had another charge added to her case in Grays Harbor Superior Court.

Rebecca Hebel, 21, is charged in the May 8 death of Bryan J. Moorman-Trader. On Monday, a charge of vehicular assault was added because of serious back injuries to one of the victims. Hebel pleaded not guilty to the new charge, and has already pleaded not guilty to the vehicular homicide charge.

Judge Gordon Godfrey granted her pre-trial release on her own recognizance, with the conditions that she not contact the victim’s family, go to bars or cocktail lounges, or operate a motor vehicle without a license.

According to police reports, Hebel admitted to driving the car in which her boyfriend, Moorman-Trader, was a passenger. But she told police the collision near Ocean Shores Elementary School was not her fault. Lloyd Siverts of Ocean Shores was driving northbound on Canal Drive NE when a car that he says seemed to be racing another vehicle came directly at him in his lane. He said the car swerved and slammed into him before driving away.

Police reports also state that Hebel told police that she was drinking at the Porthole Pub before the collision, but said that she was not intoxicated and the van driven by Siverts “swerved into her lane of travel and the vehicles collided.”

According to police reports provided to the North Coast News, toxicology reports show that Hebel’s blood alcohol level was above the legal limit on the evening of May 8.