Child mauled by dog

An incident where an 8-year-old girl was attacked on her birthday by a dog is under investigation to see if the dog involved needs to be quarantined for signs of a rabies infection, officials said Tuesday afternoon.

On Saturday, an 8-year-old girl went to a neighbor’s house on the 100 block of Heslep Lane near McCleary with another family member to pick up one of her friend’s for her birthday party, according to the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office. At the neighbor’s house, a 2-year-old dog bit the girl’s face and head, leaving serious wounds. The girl was taken from the scene to Providence St. Peter’s Hospital in Olympia for reconstructive surgery for her face and ear.

The owners of the dog are being questioned to see if the dog, reported by the Sheriff’s Office to be an American bulldog, has up to date vaccinations. The Sheriff’s Office animal control officer is investigating the case. Officials did not learn about the incident until Monday, according to the Sheriff’s Office.