Citizen reports Cougar sighting in Hoquiam

The Hoquiam Police Department received a report from a citizen who saw two cougars in the 400 block of Chenault Avenue Monday morning about 5:30.

The citizen said one of the cougars was apparently eating a raccoon. Both cougars were last seen heading into the brush behind a vacant home toward the north.

The state department of Fish and Wildlife was notified, but at this time it does not appear there was any interaction with citizens or domestic animals, police said.

The department is announcing the sighting “as a reminder we live adjacent to several natural areas in the city where wildlife may reside or regularly travel.”

Police said citizens should account for their pets and not leave food or garbage outside where it could attract wildlife, including raccoons and other scavengers.

The police department cannot take action against wildlife unless the animal poses an immediate risk and threat to public safety, but otherwise works with the Department of Fish & Wildlife to attempt to address concerns if a particular animal becomes a nuisance.