City honors 30 years of service by police Sgt. Keith Dale

The Aberdeen City Council on Wednesday celebrated the 30-year career of Sgt. Keith Dale as an Aberdeen police officer.

Police Chief Robert Torgerson noted that Dale first started in January of 1983 after first showing interest as a young police explorer. He was promoted to sergeant in October of 1995. Dale was one of the original dive team members, was a defensive tactics instructor, a chemical agent instructor and even rode a motorcycle for a while.

“The citizens of Aberdeen are very lucky that you chose the city of Aberdeen,” Torgerson said.

“We appreciate your 30 years of service and hope you’re here for another 40 years,” Mayor Bill Simpson added. “You are a true example of what our police department is about. We have some good officers and you have led the way.”

Dale says he remembers being a young 22-year-old new police officer.

“I remember 30 years ago I was at the police academy learning how to do this job,” Dale said. “I’ve done a lot of good things here for the citizens and for the few years I have left, I hope to do many more.”