Commissioners award $6,000 to NAMI

MONTESANO — The Grays Harbor County commissioners awarded a $6,000 grant to help fund activities by the local branch of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill.

The contract calls for four or more education nights in Aberdeen and an additional four or more education nights in Ocean Shores to “provide attendees with information and support to promote wellness and recovery.” The classes may include “contact information for service providers, consumer and family education about mental illness, information and support for self-directed care and stigma reduction activities,” according to the contract signed by the commissioners.

The funds also will go to a newsletter/calendar of events publication, which is supposed to have an average circulation of 120 or more per month, plus provide a place where community members can either get face time with experts about mental illness or at least have someone to call.

The contract calls for at least one public education program called “In Our Own Voice,” where two trained speakers share personal stories about mental illness and field questions from an audience.

The contract also mandates the development of a grassroots advocacy awareness about youth mental health to “identify gaps in service for youth and support education and awareness about ways to improve youth mental health” with a narrative report forward to the county each month “detailing which partners NAMI engaged, who attended, what the agenda was and the outcomes of the meeting.”