Community Foundation has local grants for capital projects

Editor’s note: The author is the Programs Officer for the Grays Harbor Community Foundation, responsible for its grants and scholarships programs.

After receiving many inquiries about funding for nonprofit capital projects, the Grays Harbor Community Foundation has decided to deal with this increasing trend head-on. We want Grays Harbor’s nonprofit organizations to have the highest quality and most efficient physical spaces and supporting infrastructure possible to be best able to serve the community.

We felt that the best solution is to create an initiative separate from the normal Quarterly Discretionary Grants Program, where all nonprofit organizations had an equal opportunity to present their needs and to develop funding solutions. With the recent budget cuts at the regional, state, and national level the Foundation realizes these capital dollars are more vital than ever.

The Community Foundation is asking nonprofits to look beyond the funding needs of the day-to-day and think about what would help move the mission of an organization forward. GHCF hopes to promote innovation and long-term thinking within each nonprofit and the nonprofit community as a whole, in terms of capital needs.

The intent of these grants is to support nonprofits whose services and mission fit within GHCF’s “Giving Priorities” in completing and/or improving capital projects to better serve the community.

The purpose of this separate application process is to give the Grants Committee of the Grays Harbor Community Foundation enough information to make an educated decision on how to allocate the funding they have available for this project and this year. All applicants will be asked to describe project timeline, budget, key staff and how they will maintain the capital project once it is funded. For this special opportunity Grant Applications are Due April 1, 2013.

Grant awards will be announced by May 6, 2013. Grant amounts will likely range from $10,000 to $50,000, for each of three to five organizations, depending on the scope of activities proposed. If the review committee deems appropriate, a larger amount and fewer number of grants may be awarded. Grant funds may be used for design/engineering work, materials, construction labor, infrastructure improvements, and/or equipment. This grant is designed to help our local nonprofit organizations be on the forefront of innovation and efficiency, therefore applicants will also be asked to explain the plans for integrating maintenance of this capital project into their organization’s operational plan.

Interested nonprofit organizations may download the application or find out more by checking the foundation website: or you may contact Program Officer Cassie Lentz at 532-1600 or by e-mail at: