Construction to take over downtown Monte

The next phase of city improvements as about to begin in downtown Montesano. City workers and contractors have already talked to area business owners about construction that is scheduled to be in full swing on Monday.

The one-block area on Main Street — from Wynooche Avenue to Pioneer Avenue — will be torn up past the asphalt and projected brick layer to expose and replace the old circa-1950s storm drain and sewage system.

The construction is expected to last through Oct. 11, but will be performed in sections and rebuilt up to gravel daily.

Starting at the Wynooche end, the road will be removed down to the drain system, replaced and brought back up to a gravel road, hopefully to allow traffic to pass daily at 5:30 p.m.

Pedestrians will be allowed in and around the construction as businesses in the area will remain open. After the work has been completed under the roadway, the sidewalks will also be replaced and re-poured.

Periodically during the project, the intersection at Main Street and Marcy Avenue will closed off and on to traffic.

Parametrix project/construction manager Steve Schmitz notes that many of the businesses have alternate access, he but hopes to cause minimal impact during the time of construction.

“Even when we get to the point of working the sidewalks, we will take every effort to ensure the public can patronize area businesses,” said Schmitz.

The $1.2 million project is primarily funded with federal grants with cost to the city approximately $40,000 to $50,000. Signs will be posted to direct traffic around the construction and the streets cleared before construction gets under way.

The Main Street Improvement: Phase II has a project hotline for individuals who may call (360) 581-4310 with any concerns or questions.