County Commission candidate Frank Gordon

Frank Gordon

Occupation: Electric contractor for 40 years

Political Party: Democrat

Examples of Civic Involvement: Team leader of Paint the Corridor, volunteer at Robert Gray grade school, president of Harbor Harriers running club for 22 years, Co-founder Friends of Aberdeen Weatherwax High School, Aberdeen City Council and many more.

Four words to describe your personality: Leader, communicator, practical and integrity

What are your thoughts on how the incumbent county commissioners communicate with their constituents and is there any room for improvement?

The commissioners have zero communication skills. The cities in Grays Harbor cannot get their phone calls returned. Incumbent Mike Wilson lives in Aberdeen and is the commissioner for District 2, but we never see or hear from him.

What is the optimal way the county should be doing its budgets and is the county doing its budgets in this fashion?

The county should be including the cities in major budget decisions that affect the whole county. We read about it for first time in the newspaper. We need to work as a team to get the best use of the dollars we have. Again, zero communication skills.

What letter grade would you give the county commissioners today? Please provide a narrative description explaining your reasons.

I would give the commissioners a D grade. They have stumbled along in their choices and the spending of our tax dollars. A couple examples: The pulling out of and making a rival Chehalis Flood board makes us look silly and puts the Chehalis flood program back on square one. We lost the load limits on many of our bridges, including the Chehalis River Bridge. The limit loss would have killed Aberdeen, Hoquiam and both beaches. Thanks to Kathi Hoder for getting the state Department of Transportation to meet with the trucking industry, the representatives of cities, police, the State Patrol, state Rep. Brian Blake and state Sen. Brian Hatfield, as well as Councilwoman Hoder and Mayor Simpson, as well as myself and the Port of Grays Harbor. Together, we got the limits raised up after three hard-fought meetings with the DOT. We invited Grays Harbor County and it was also in the newspaper and on the radio, but the county was a no show. Where were they?