County declares local emergency after storm

The Grays Harbor County commissioners on Monday declared a local emergency to help county officials try to recoup some of the money invested in the aftermath of last week’s big storm.

The county’s Road Division estimated that it spent more than $100,000 dealing with road closures, downed trees, damaged culverts, landslides in the North River and Chehalis River valleys and the aftermath from lowland flooding stemming from the Nov. 19 storm.

Chuck Wallace, the county’s deputy director of Emergency Management, said today that it’s unlikely the county will receive help from FEMA or the state’s emergency management division. However, the county may be able to use the storm event to apply for grants from other sources.

“We expect the losses to be fairly substantial and we should do what we can to try and seek reimbursement for monies spent,” Sheriff Rick Scott wrote to the commissioners in a Nov. 20 letter.