County Planning & Building director leaving

Grays Harbor Planning & Building Director Lee Napier has accepted a new position in Lewis County. She’ll leave her job with Grays Harbor on Nov. 5.

Napier has been the director of both offices since December of last year. Before that, she was the interim director of the Planning division when the offices had been split in August of 2010 when former director Brian Shea left amid complaints from the public about the way the Planning & Building divisions operated.

Napier, a watershed planner, helped implement a new planning process called the Comprehensive Land-use & Environmental Application Review system — or CLEAR — to help an applicant “clear” the way for future housing projects and development without hassle. She also oversaw the county’s revisions to the critical areas ordinance amid legal challenges from environmental groups. The lawsuit has since been dropped, according to Deputy Prosecutor Jim Baker.

The county commissioners made the announcement in an email this morning. Napier will become Lewis County’s community development director. The commissioners are currently planning next year’s budget.