Couple’s call to police prevents burglary

An alert couple out walking their dog along Karr Avenue Wednesday afternoon saw something that didn’t look right at a neighbor’s home and called Hoquiam police, who thwarted an apparent burglary in progress, Hoquaim police say.

A 44-year Hoquiam man was arrested, allegedly found with burglary tools one would use to steel wire and scrap metal.

The couple was walking in the 300 block of Karr and saw a crawl space panel kicked in. They live around the corner and told police that they and other neighbors had been keeping an eye on the vacant home.

They told police they could hear noises coming from under the house and looked further, seeing a man in the home’s garage.

Officers found the man hiding in the garage, but couldn’t reach him without entering by force. They ordered him to crawl back the way he had come in, under the house and out through a vent hole in the house’s skirting.

The suspect, who is a convicted felon, was booked into the county jail for one count of felony residential burglary. Officers are now attempting to identify the owner of the residence or the mortgage lender who has taken possession of the home.

“I commend the neighbors for keeping an eye on this property for the safety of their neighborhood,” said Police Chief Jeff Myers. “This was a daylight burglary that would not have been detected had it not been for their vigilance and willingness to check on their suspicions.”