Daily World will reduce home delivery to three days

The Daily World announced Tuesday that it will reduce home delivery of the newspaper to three days per week starting June 1. The paper will be delivered on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

The newspaper will continue to produce news and update stories on its website and through social media each day of the week and has no plans to reduce the size of its news department.

The change reflects a growing emphasis on digital media and reduced print advertising, said Publisher Bill Crawford.

“As the newspaper industry continues to evolve and change we have to take the proper steps to remain consistent and competitive,” Crawford said. “Although we are reducing the number of print editions we are going to beef up our remaining three print days. It’s my belief that we can streamline the operation and improve our local coverage and content by focusing our efforts on these three publication days.

“We will continue to improve our digital presence and publish to the web seven days a week. At the end of the day my goal is to ensure longevity for the newspaper to provide support to our local businesses and advertisers and continue to document the history of the Harbor for our subscribers.”

The paper anticipates that print advertising sales won’t change as a result of the new delivery schedule, but will be consolidated in the three publication days. The size of the papers will increase in number of pages, with each edition more closely resembling a current Sunday paper in size.

The Daily World is one of several newspapers around the country to reduce days of print publication and emphasize their digital products. Papers in Ann Arbor, Mich., Harrisburg, Pa., Syracuse, N.Y. and many other places have already made the conversion and some newspaper experts say it’s just the beginning of a large wave as papers react to the growing number of consumers who read their news on smart phones and tablets. Closer to home, the Centralia Chronicle converted two years ago from six-day delivery to three days.

The World has already introduced new advertising options on its website, particularly in classified advertising. The new features allow individuals and businesses to go online and create their own ads for general classifieds, employment, real estate and automotive classifications. It’s also easy to upload photos to the online ads.

On the news side, there will be no reduction in the amount of local news and sports coverage, although there will be an increased frequency of news showing up first on the website. Readers will see changes in the configuration of the paper — designed to emphasize the number of pages set aside for local news.

“For me, the most important thing to remember is that we will still be covering our community, telling its stories and relating what life is like here just as seriously and thoroughly as we ever have,” said Editor Doug Barker. “I understand the disappointment folks will have when the paper isn’t on the doorstep every night, but I understand, too, that this change will keep this newspaper healthy and able to tell the community’s stories for a long time.

“The way people get their news is changing, but more important than when they get it and in what form is that it’s gathered and reported with the high standards readers expect of us, and in that regard nothing will change.”