DEA serves warrant in Hoquiam

Local law enforcement officials helped the federal Drug Enforcement Agency serve a warrant on a car lot on the corner of 5th and Simpson this morning. Officers with the Hoquiam Police Department and the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office were on scene with DEA agents at 6 a.m. this morning. No other information was available, according to Grays Harbor Chief Criminal Deputy Dave Pimentel.

DEA spokesperson Jodie Underwood said the warrant was part of an operational investigation and more details may not be forthcoming until Thursday.

Radio station KBKW reported that a local home, whose address was not disclosed, also had a warrant served on it.

“I’m in the shower getting ready for work, and all of the sudden I hear Border Patrol and DEA beating our door down with a battering ram,” the woman told KBKW. “I’m in a robe and he’s telling me to get outside and sit on the stairs and he’s got an AK-47 pointed at us, and he said ‘sit down and shut up,’ and I’m like who’s paying for this door, I’m freaking out.”

Underwood told KBKW that the warrants are part of a federal operation that includes multiple cities and counties in Western Washington.