Deadline extended on city’s historic plan

The Aberdeen Historic Preservation Plan, now in draft form, got an extension on its deadline to the state. “They granted us a year, but we will still turn it in next month,” said Community Development Director Lisa Scott Thursday evening.

The draft was originally due to the state by the end of August. The state and city supplied matching funds for a $20,000 grant for the writing of the historic preservation plan for the city. Several public hearings have been held on the plan this spring and summer.

Historic Preservation Commission members received a copy of the draft earlier this week. Scott said it will also be posted as soon as possible on the city’s website.

The draft will be posted on the Commission’s Facebook page Friday, Chairman Aaron Nickell said at their meeting. A preliminary review indicated it needs reorganizing and tweaking, he said.

The Historic Preservation Commission added an extra public meeting next month for the evening of Thursday, Sept. 12 at city hall to tackle their review of a proposed plan for the city. Scott said the historic preservations consultants will return to Aberdeen, hopefully for that meeting.

The city council will also review a final draft.

In a related matter, Scott will ask council Wednesday evening to expand the commission to seven members from the current five. Members serve four year terms.