Dear Dad …

In honor of Father’s Day, The Daily World asked Harborites a simple question:

What do you appreciate most about your father?

Here are their answers, in their own words:

A.F. Kelley. Occupation: Mother, Hometown: Raymond. “He gave me the basis of my life. To put my trust in God and live in blind faith.”

Eric Lahoe. Occupation: Truck Driver. Hometown: Hoquiam. “Just the way he spent time with me and raised me as a human. I mean he protected me and raised me and taught me how to take care of myself… He did a good job.”

Bailee Betrozoff. Occupation: Student. Hometown: Willapa Valley. “I appreciate his coaching (in softball). The way he’s always pumped up and ready to go. he’s really positive. Ad he makes a really good breakfast hash.”

Joseph Sanchez. Occupation: Firefighter. Hometown: Taholah. “He was hust a sweet, kind, old soul. Just wonderful to be around. I just loved his presence.”

Terry Thompson. Occupation: Merchandizer. Hometown: Aberdeen. “He’s always been there for me. From when I was a kid until now he’s there when I need him. We’ve always kept in touch.”

Skylar Hatley. Occupation: Student. Hometown: Aberdeen. “I appreciate being with him every day. He wasn’t in my life for around four years so just being able to spend time together. I cherish every moment with him.”