Denny’s to open in six to nine months

Aberdonians could soon have access to breakfast slams and moons over my hammy sandwiches with a local Denny’s set to open in six to nine months, according to Mayor Bill Simpson.

The venture has been in the works for several months, with Seattle-based businessman Steve Kim confirming his interest in opening a Denny’s in May. The restaurant will be located at 418 W Heron Street, a building that has housed Denny’s franchises for decades.

Kim told the The Daily World in a May interview that the Aberdeen location will undergo renovation before opening.

The location was a Denny’s for many years until the previous owner — Seattle businessman Omar Aziz — ended his relationship with the Denny’s Corp. and renamed his four Western Washington restaurants America’s Diner.

That didn’t work out, as Aziz eventually filed for both Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy and Chapter 11 bankruptcy in regard to his restaurants.

On Dec. 11, 2011, he abruptly closed the Aberdeen restaurant, informing his employees — several of whom had worked at the Denny’s for decades — of the closure with a note on the locked doors. Many of them were never paid for their final weeks of work, though a community fundraiser garnered more than $30,000 to help the 13 jilted and displaced employees through the holidays and beyond.