Elma man who came armed to police station pleads not guilty to gun charge

A 34-year-old Elma man who posted threats and complaints against Elma police officers online and showed up at the Elma police station armed with a semi-automatic pistol pleaded not guilty to charges the gun was stolen.

Erick D. Bussard is charged with possession of a stolen firearm after he came to the Elma police department with an unloaded semi-automatic pistol in his back pocket and a loaded clip in his hand. He was arraigned Monday in Grays Harbor Superior Court.

According to court documents, Bussard had posted complaints against three Elma officers on his Facebook page, including at least one threat and a photo of Bussard holding a pistol.

As Elma Chief Jeff Troumbley was investigating the matter, Brussard called the police department asking an officer to come outside and speak with him

“Troumbley looked out the window and saw the defendant sitting a short distance away wearing the same clothing he had seen the defendant wearing on the Facebook page,” court documents stated. “The defendant appeared to have something in his hand.”

Troumbley went outside with an officer and found Bussard with the unloaded weapon and loaded clip. The officer secured the weapon and Troumbley tried to speak with Bussard, court documents continued.

“The defendant appeared agitated to the officers,” the documents stated.

Bussard complained about several contacts with Elma officers, and claimed the gun was his father’s. His father confirmed it was his gun, but said Bussard did not have permission to take it and had apparently found the key to the gun safe and left with the gun without his father’s knowledge.

Bussard is currently held in Grays Harbor County Jail on $75,000 bail.