Emergency notification system test set for Tuesday

Grays Harbor County Emergency Management will test the full county Emergency Notification System on Tuesday, Oct. 22, at 10:30 a.m.

Those who have voluntarily signed up for the notifications should expect a phone call, text message and an email from Emergency Management. The phone call will have an originating number of (360) 249-3911.

Those who do not recieve the notifications despite having singed up, or for those who wish to sign up, visit www.cco.grays-harbor.wa.us/info/DEM/EMailTWS.asp to update your information.

The county’s Emergency Management department would also like to remind citizens there are numerous ways they can become notified and recieve information on severe weather or emergency/disaster events. These include: AHAB Sirens, All Hazard Alert Weather Radios, the Grays Harbor County Emergency Notification System, AM/FM Radio, The Grays Harbor County Emergency Website and the Grays Harbor County Emergency Management Twitter and Facebook pages.

They also note that the All Hazard Alert Broadcast (AHAB) Sirens are designed to be heard within a 1 mile radius, outdoors only and that the wind can greatly reduce the distance you can hear the siren in severe weather. For notification indoors, it is necessary to purchase and All Hazard Alert Weather Radio. Radios must be tuned and turned to provide the necessary notification.

For any further infomration about Emergency Mangement, severe weather or disaster preperation, contact Grays Harbor County Emergency Mangement at GDCDEM@co.grays-harbor.wa.us or call (360) 249-3911. The department also invites you to follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook for updates.