Fire District 5 levy looks grim, districts 15 and 12 passing

Grays Harbor Fire District 5’s levy lid lift appears to have failed again, based on Tuesday night returns. Voters were rejecting the lift by a vote of 1,001 to 845, a 54.2 percent disapproval rate.

In the primary, voters rejected the measure by 65 votes. Fire Chief Dan Prater remains optimistic that the vote could still turn.

“I’m being optimistic, there’s still 1,100-plus votes out there that haven’t been counted yet. I have high hopes we can turn it around,” Prater said. “We had a lot of questions and stuff asked over the last few days, so hopefully we’ll be able to go from there. We definitely would have liked to have seen it be a lot closer at this point.”

The lid lift would have added about 8 cents per $1,000 of assessed value to the district’s existing levy, or about $12 annually for a $150,000 home. It would bring in an estimated $236,840, which Prater has said the district desperately needs to maintain service and replace equipment.

If the lid lift fails, district commissioners would have to discuss potentially drastic service cuts at their next meeting Nov. 12.

“If it doesn’t pass, we’ve got some very hard choices that are going to be made to ultimately change the level of service to a lot of people in District 5,” Prater said.

In Fire District 12, voters were passing the Emergency Medical Services levy with 55.2 percent, 291 votes to 236.

Fire District 15’s Emergency Medical Services levy was passing in both Grays Harbor and Pacific counties.

In Grays Harbor County, the vote was 75.4 percent in favor, 141 votes to 46. In Pacific County, the vote was 64.6 percent in favor, 2,533 votes to 1,388.

District 15’s property tax levy was also passing in both counties. In Grays Harbor, the vote was 67.7 percent in favor, 126 votes to 60. In Pacific County, the vote was 67.4 percent, 29 votes to 14.