Fisherman found dead near Ocean Shores, second man found OK

A 65-year-old Federal Way fisherman was found dead Sunday afternoon near Copalis Beach.

A beachcomber noticed the man floating in the waves at about 4:30 p.m. and notified authorities. By the time Grays Harbor County Sheriff officials arrived on the scene, the man had washed ashore, said Undersheriff Dave Pimentel.

The man was identified as Antonio D. Inocencio and his family was notified of his death. Family members said Inocencio had planned on surf fishing with a friend, a 58-year-old Federal Way man. The U.S. Coast Guard spent the evening flying over the beach in helicopters searching for the second man.

King County Sheriff’s officials located the second man alive this morning in the Seattle area. He hadn’t accompanied Inocencio on the fishing trip.

Pimmentel said Inocencio was most likely knocked down by a wave and unable to stand up when his chest waders filled with water. He said riptides in the area can be strong, and standing in the waves can be dangerous — especially when wearing chest waders.