GH Republicans celebrate victories, focus on future at Lincoln Day dinner

At their annual Lincoln Day Dinner Saturday, Grays Harbor Republicans were in the mood to celebrate. They won several important victories in the 2012 election cycle, including the first Republican majority on the Grays Harbor County Commission in decades.

Commissioners Herb Welch and Wes Cormier were on hand to join the festivities, and to perform a comedic reading of “You might be a Democrat if …”

Signs included, “You think ‘filibuster’ is an item on the $5 menu at Subway,” “You call raising raising taxes ‘investing in our future,’ ” and “You think cow farts are melting icebergs.”

Aberdeen VFW Post No. 224 presented the colors, and singer Alex Mabey and students from the Lighthouse Ballet Academy performed.

There was also an emphasis on returning to the party’s core principles in the context of a Christian point of view. Congressional candidate Jesse Young of Tacoma gave an invocation, and his wife, Jennie, led the benediction.

Keynote speaker and former gubernatorial candidate Shahram Hadian spoke at length about bringing God back to the center of American life, decrying what he saw as the corruption of the founders’ vision and calling for the “restoration of the Republic.”

Hadian emigrated from Iran in 1978, shortly before that country’s revolution. After spending much of his childhood in Canada, he won his U.S. citizenship and moved back to America.

He converted from Islam to Christianity 14 years ago, and spoke Saturday about the dangers of Islam. He had copies of his DVD, “The true goal of Islam and the threat of Sharia Law” available.

“In Iran, we went to bed one night with a Shah and woke up the next morning with an Ayatollah. Most of the people in Iran just went along with it. Now 33 years later, we have a dictatorship. I pray to God we don’t make the same mistake in America,” he said.


Hadian offered several steps to “revoking our consent” for a government he saw as bordering on dictatorial or communistic, including churches removing themselves from the “self-inflicted bondage” of the 501(c)3 non-profit status, reining in courts and returning to the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence.

Hadian said the country had reached a similar point of corruption that sparked the Declaration, and the only way to hit the “reset button” was to repent, and return to a God-centered system.

He cautioned that political parties would not be the solution, although they might be one mechanism. Hadian pointed to the Republicans who voted in favor of gay marriage in Washington as an example that party designation doesn’t guarantee a person will follow Christian principles.

“Had Republicans stood their ground, gay marriage would not be legal in the State of Washington,” Hadian said.

Hadian earned a standing ovation from the more than 50 attendees.