Hoquiam cops Salstrom and High receive medals of valor

Sgt. Jeff Salstrom and officer Phil High of the Hoquiam Police Department were awarded the department’s Medal of Valor at Monday’s Hoquiam City Council meeting for their involvement in the 20-hour deadly standoff in March. Salstrom also received the department’s Purple Heart after being shot three times during the standoff.

Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers thanked the men for their service to the community, and said he’s glad they made it out of the situation relatively unscathed.

“This award isn’t as hearty and robust as the thanks that their family had (when) they came home safe that night,” Myers said.

In other council action:

$881,462 added the coffers

The council finalized another timber sale, with Sierra Pacific putting in the winning bid for $881,462. Dahlstrom Lumber, Murphy Company and Hampton Affiliates also offered bids.

Money from lumber sales will be used for infrastructure improvements.

EMS service revoked for fire districts

The City of Hoquiam will no longer be providing emergency medical services to Fire District 8, Fire District 16 and Fire District 17 after the three districts failed to pay outstanding balances to the city by July 1.

Fire District 8 currently owes the city $15,466, Fire District 16 owes $16,754 and Fire District 17 owes $18,566.

The districts previously contracted with the city to provide EMS service, city officials sent a letter to the districts June 6 stating that if they didn’t pay their bills by July 1, service would be discontinued.

“The City of Hoquiam certainly does not want to discontinue services, but at the same time, it cannot continue to allow the citizens of Hoquiam to have to provide funding for these services,” the letters read.