Inmate dies of apparent overdose

An inmate at Stafford Creek Prison near Aberdeen may have died from a drug overdose last week.

David A. Bye, 45, was pronounced dead at 8:32 a.m. on Jan. 26 at the state prison, the Coroner’s Office reported. Grays Harbor Coroner Dan Burns said that the incident appears to be a drug overdose. Burns said he’s waiting for a toxicology report to come back within the next few weeks to confirm the findings.

Stafford Creek Superintendent Pat Glebe said the incident is under investigation to figure out how the inmate got the drugs. Bye had been convicted of murder, although the details of his crime and his sentence were not immediately available.

The San Francisco Chronicle printed an article in 2006 that states Bye was convicted of second-degree murder in 2005 in Washington state and was serving a 32-year sentence. The Chronicle reported that Bye apparently shot a man to death in Seattle in a fight over insurance money and Bye and his wife Rhonda fled toward Mexico. They were found by San Francisco police living in an alley and Bye was extradited back to Washington state. His wife, Rhonda, stayed and lived on the streets, apparently dying in 2006, the Chronicle reported. A 2003 article in The Seattle Times said the shooting victim was Jose I. Lopez, 43, of Seattle.

Glebe said that inmates find new ways to smuggle in drugs all the time. When on work release, they may ingest drugs and then vomit them out later or insert small baggies of drugs into body cavities. Glebe said his staff does an excellent job of predicting inmate behavior and finding drugs but “every now and then they come up with an idea we never thought of before.”

Glebe said his staff will conduct a thorough investigation to try to figure out what happened.