Investigation continues after man killed in alleged hit-and-run collision near Ocean Shores Elementary School

Ocean Shores Police are continuing to investigate what led up to a hit-and-run collision on a residential street May 8 that is believed to have killed a Hoquiam man.

Bryan Moorman-Trader, 25, died of injuries suffered when he was the passenger in a vehicle that may have been racing another car on Canal Drive Southeast.

Earlier this week, Ocean Shores Police Department Deputy Police Chief Russ Fitts said the investigation is ongoing.

At the center of the investigation is a 21-year-old Ocean Shores female. She is the alleged driver of the vehicle in which Moorman-Trader was the passenger.

The driver’s name has not been released.

Fitts said he expected the investigation could last another week. A police press release last week stated, “Speed and alcohol are suspected as possible factors contributing to the collision. Upon completion of the investigation the report will be submitted to the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office for review and possible charges.”

The accident occurred about 7:30 p.m. when Ocean Shores resident Lloyd  Siverts, 51, was driving northbound on Canal Drive Southeast with his wife, Jacqueline.

After spending the afternoon working on a home he is building on Canal Drive, the former owner of Lloyd’s Carpets was headed back to his Ocean Shores Airport-area home.

Siverts passed Ocean Shores Elementary School, then Faith Community Church. After a straight section, the road curves to the right, and Siverts followed it, still in the north-bound lane of the two-lane road.

He said he was driving the speed limit, 25 mph, in his work van.

“I  came around the (curve) and here come these two vehicles that looked like they were drag racing,” Siverts said the following afternoon from his home.  “This  little blue one was in my lane.”

He  said the vehicles coming the other way “were going awfully fast.

“I  remember trying to hit the brakes but I didn’t have enough time.”

There  is a stretch of dirt and pathway to the east of Canal Drive, running along the side of the Public Works yard. Siverts said the female driver of the blue car in his lane tried to go around him on that side.

“I  remember the front of the car going up … her front tires caught the dirt and slid her sideways and she T-boned me. It stopped me dead,” Siverts said.

“I  looked in my rear view mirror and she was heading off down the road — didn’t stop.”

The  other vehicle didn’t stop either, Siverts said. 

After  he called 911, an ambulance quickly arrived and took his wife to Grays Harbor Community Hospital. She was released a few hours later with no major injuries.

A  few minutes after the Siverts 911 call, a second 911 call was received. The driver of the alleged hit-and-run vehicle called to request an ambulance for her passenger. 

The  passenger died en route to the hospital.

The driver of the alleged hit-and-run vehicle had driven to her home on Draconis Avenue SE, less than a mile from the collision.

A resident of the area who asked not to be named told the North Coast News he saw the blue car and a black SUV-type vehicle speeding around the corner “doing probably 50 mph.”

He said he had his wife call 911, and walked to the house on Draconis Avenue SE where he had previously seen the blue car.

He said the blue car was at the residence and that an ambulance and police vehicles quickly arrived there.

Fitts said the driver of the other car Siverts saw, an Ocean Shores resident, also is being interviewed.

Though  he was not seriously injured, Lloyd Siverts said he is “starting to feel the aches and pains come on.”

The  worst thing, he said, is that a young man “died because my van got hit. I know he had a baby, and that baby lost a father.

“I feel really bad for both the families that have to go through this.”