Liquor Board to take extra 2 weeks to write marijuana rules

Extensive written comments have caused the state Liquor Control Board to delay issuance of final rules concerning the propagation, processing and sale of recreational marijuana.

Monday was the deadline for collecting public input on its first cut of draft rules that were released May 16.

“While the initial written comments on the rules were relatively light, the agency received extensive written comment over the weekend and throughout the day from public and private organizations,” according to a board news release Monday.

“In keeping with our goal of an open and transparent process for drafting the rules, we’re going to take an additional two weeks to consider the last-minute input we’ve received,” stated board Director Rick Garza. “The board was prepared to issue the rules on June 19. However, it’s our responsibility to carefully review and consider the comments we received.”

The new timeline for a final draft of rules:

—June 19: Board work session on proposed rules.

—July 3: Board files official draft rules with the state Code Reviser.

—Aug. 7: Public hearing on draft rules.

—Aug. 14: Board adopts rules.

—Sept. 14: Effective date for rules; and WSLCB begins accepting applications for all license types.