Man accused in courthouse scuffle held on $100,000 bail

MONTESANO — Grays Harbor Superior Court Judge Gordon Godfrey set bail at $100,000 Wednesday afternoon for a man who attacked courthouse security deputies after refusing to stay quiet during court proceedings the day before.

Jeremy McCracken, 28, of Shelton, is charged with third degree felony Assault from his actions at a dependency hearing involving his daughter at about noon on Tuesday. Superior Court Judge David Edwards was presiding over the case and ordered McCracken to be quiet.

When McCracken refused, Edwards ordered the man be held in contempt of court. One of the courthouse deputies approached the defendant and told him that “it would be best if he not make it more difficult for himself by resisting,” according to charging documents by Chief Deputy Prosecutor Gerry Fuller.

The charging documents allege that McCracken rose from his seat and declared, “You will not touch me” and started to leave the courtroom.

Deputy Director of Security Dave Haller then interceded from the back of the room and ordered him to stop and put his hands behind his back, pulling out hand cuffs, according to the charging documents.

Still trying to leave the courtroom, McCracken allegedly “turned and struck Haller in the chest with his left fist causing Haller to be driven backwards and off his feet,” the charging documents state. “Haller fell, striking a pew in the courtroom.”

The charging documents state that McCracken calmed down after his father interceded and then allowed himself to be taken into custody.

The force of Haller’s fall actually caused the large, heavy pews to shift about half a foot.

Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate said Haller was later treated by a doctor and returned to work on Wednesday.

At his first appearance on Wednesday, McCracken was flanked by two corrections officers with two other security officers in the courtroom. Judge Godfrey didn’t ask him any questions and McCracken made no comments.