Man arrested for stealing propane tanks

A 29-year-old Elma man has been arrested for burglary, theft and malicious mischief in connection with the theft of eight full propane tanks from The Warm Company just east of Elma.

At about 4:30 Thursday morning, an alarm was activated at The Warm Company and an employee was notified. Upon arriving at the scene, the employee discovered that someone had broken into the facility and stolen the tanks.

Grays Harbor County Sheriff deputies responded and later were told that a 29-year-old man was responsible for the burglary and that he had forced his estranged 38-year-old girlfriend to assist him. The man allegedly threatened to harm the girlfriend’s children if she didn’t help with the break in.

Deputies found the man and arrested him on an unrelated warrant. The man appeared to be under the influence of drugs and became hostile. As he was escorted to the patrol car, the man headbutted the passenger door of the car, causing minor damage. The suspect was taken to Grays Harbor County Jail.

After obtaining a warrant, deputies searched the man’s residence and found the eight stolen propane tanks.

The estranged girlfriend has since obtained a restraining order against the man. She is not facing any charges at this point.