Man tasered repeatedly, arrested for resisting

Police have arrested a man for allegedly assaulting an Aberdeen police officer during a traffic stop, officials said Friday.

The driver, a 33-year-old man from Longbranch, has been charged with third-degree assault, physical control, and resisting arrest.

According to Aberdeen police, Officer Kristy Lougheed received a call at 10:10 p.m. Thursday about a man in a blue Ford pickup truck who was driving recklessly. Lougheed spotted the vehicle in the parking lot of the Les Schwab Tire Center on Simpson Avenue with a man inside talking on a cell phone.

Lougheed parked her patrol car and as she approached the vehicle, the driver started the truck and turned on the headlights. The officer asked the man repeatedly to get off the cell phone, but according to police, he ignored her.

According to police, Lougheed could smell alcohol on the driver and when he spoke, his speech was slurred. The driver refused to turn off the truck or present his identification or vehicle registration. Lougheed opened the driver’s door to arrest the driver, but when she did, the driver allegedly yanked the door shut and locked it. The officer reached through the door’s open window and unlocked it. The man responded by allegedly stiff-arming the door into her chest, causing her to stumble back.

The man began driving off, but Lougheed pulled him out of the vehicle. Police said the man then hit the officer in the chest hard enough to knock her backwards to the ground. Lougheed fired her Taser at the man, hit him and after it shocked him, he said he would comply, but when she tried to place him in restraints, the man became aggressive and belligerent again, police said. Lougheed had to deliver two more five-second jolts from the Taser before he gave up. A Hoquiam officer assisted Lougheed, and the suspect was arrested.

The man was treated by firefighters from Aberdeen Fire Department, who removed the Taser darts from his shoulder. Officer Lougheed reported a head injury. The suspect was then transported and booked into the City Jail.