Men arrested for dumping construction debris

Two Olympia men were arrested in Pacific County Thursday and charged with dumping a large amount of construction debris along rural Chinook Valley Road.

An alert citizen called the Pacific County Sheriff’s Office to report a suspicious rental truck on the remote road about 11:20 Wednesday night, said Sheriff’s spokesman Pat Matlock.

A deputy went to check on the rental truck, which was gone from the location, but a huge pile of trash remained behind, Matlock said.

“You could tell the trash was just dragged out there,” he said. “It had a chain tied to it, and the chain had been tied to a tree so they just drove off to pull it out.”

The trash, which was about 3 feet high and 10 feet wide, contained pallets and household debris, prescription bottles, mattresses, garbage, steel siding, class and plastics. There also was what a container of what appeared to be old motor oil.

The deputy continued to patrol the area, and then came across the truck driving nearby. He stopped the truck and found debris in the back similar to what had been dumped.

The two men, ages 52 and 40, were cited for misdemeanor littering and pollution.

“They admitted that they had dumped it out there and were trying to clean up from a contracting job that they had done,” Matlock said.