Men who swapped plates in front of cop plead not guilty

Two men accused of swapping the license plates on a stolen car in front of an Aberdeen Police Department sergeant were in Grays Harbor Superior Court Monday.

Casey S. Smith, 34, of Tacoma, pleaded not guilty to taking a vehicle without permission. Marcus D. Roldan, 31, of Shelton, pleaded not guilty to second-degree taking or riding in a stolen motor vehicle.

Aberdeen Police Sgt. CJ Chastain noticed a man standing by two similar Honda Accords in the Olympic Gateway Mall on Sept. 24, according Aberdeen Police Capt. John Green. The man seemed to be looking at the license plates on the vehicles, according to Chastain, then began to scan the parking lot. He was joined by another man in a red, hooded sweatshirt, who reportedly removed a license plate from one of the cars.

The two men then got into the Accord and drove away, leading Chastain to stop the car.

Smith is held in Grays Harbor County Jail with $15,000 bail, and Roldan is held with $10,000 bail.