Metal thefts a family affair

Police arrested a 40-year-old man, his 57-year-old mother and his 44-year-old ex-girlfriend in connection with stealing metal from a Quonset hut Wednesday.

Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s deputies were initially called about suspicious men at about 9:30 a.m. near South Bank Road and Comfort Corner in Oakville. Because there have been problems with thefts and burglaries in that area, deputies contacted one man, who claimed they had run out of gas and were trying to get gas from neighbors. He advised the deputies the other man was at a home nearby, according to Chief Criminal Deputy Steve Shumate

Deputies contacted that man at his mother’s residence, along with his mother and his girlfriend, and arrested the man on outstanding warrants.

Deputies and detectives eventually learned that the man, his ex-girlfriend and mother were allegedly involved in metal thefts. The man and his girlfriend allegedly stole metal from a Quonset hut on the 100 block of Norton Road, which had not been assembled. The owner reported the value of the hut at $10,000, and the suspects are accused of taking about half that material, receiving less than $200 for the scrap metal. The owner’s loss may be the full $10,000, as he may not be able to replace the missing parts individually.

The man’s mother is accused of going to “various properties to see what was available to steal and if contacted by property owners or witnesses, would claim that she was lost or disoriented,” Shumate wrote in a press release.

All three were arrested on suspicion of first-degree theft and are held in Grays Harbor County Jail.