Morck prepped for paint

A painting contractor was on hand at the Morck Hotel in downtown Aberdeen Tuesday to begin preparations for painting the abandoned old hotel.

A 60-foot boom lift is due to arrive early Thursday morning to help with painting and washing the tall building, said Craig Filion of Scandanavian Painting Specialists. The lower portion of the walls will be painted first, he said.

Part of the job entails inserting panels into the broken windows, Filion said. The windows, which are due to be replaced or refinished later as part of historic preservation work, will be painted with primer for now. Plywood panels will also be painted to blend in with the rest of the building, Filion said.

Chester Trabucco, one of the owners of the historic hotel, promised Mayor Bill Simpson in spring that the Morck would be painted this summer. Filion worked on a previous hotel renovation for Trabucco in Astoria. “Chester and I go back 20 years,” Filion said.