Mother, daughter face assault charges

A 24-year-old Ocean Shores woman and her mother face multiple assault charges after allegedly sending an Ocean Shores police officer to the hospital with a concussion during a drunken fight last week.

Tiffany E. Straw and her 42-year-old mother, Roxann R. Straw, both face charges of second-degree assault and third-degree assault against two Ocean Shores police officers who tried to break up the fight on Jan. 31.

Court records stated officers Paul Henderson and Shaun Beebe responded to the 800 block of Magellan Avenue NE for a report of a verbal argument. Henderson arrived first and saw the mother and daughter arguing as it escalated to a physical fight.

“He observed defendant Roxann Straw grab defendant Tiffany Straw and try to throw her over the railing of the deck,” court records stated.

Court records stated Henderson had intended to wait for Beebe, but as the fight worsened he got out of his patrol car and ordered them to stop. He then tried to physically separate them.

“(Henderson) took hold of defendant Tiffany Straw by the arm and tried to separate them,” court records stated. “Defendant Roxann Straw refused to let go and the three of them ended up falling off the deck, landing on the ground.”

Officer Beebe then arrived to find the mother fighting with Henderson on the ground, grabbing him from behind, court records stated. Henderson let go of the daughter to try to gain control of the mother.

“(The mother) had her legs locked around Officer Henderson’s neck in a scissor lock,” court records stated. “Officer Henderson’s breathing was restricted. … At that point, defendant Tiffany Straw stood up and kicked (Henderson) in the head three or four times.”

Court records stated Henderson was later diagnosed with a concussion at Grays Harbor Community Hospital.

Beebe chased after Tiffany Straw as she ran from the area, court records stated. When he caught her, she allegedly started screaming and swearing at him, struggling with the officer.

“(She) continued to fight as Beebe was trying to roll her from her back to her stomach so that he could handcuff her,” court records stated. “Defendant Tiffany Straw bit Officer Beebe on the right bicep and would not let go. He was eventually able to restrain her.”

Both women remain in custody at the Grays Harbor County Jail on $100,000 bail.