New born’s body found in wooded area of Ocean Shores

A woman walking her dog in Ocean Shores Friday night discovered the body of an infant on a vacant, wooded lot not far from the Ocean Shores Airport.

Ocean Shores police are investigating the death, with assistance from Hoquiam police and the Grays Harbor Sheriff’s Office. It appeared that the child was not more than 24 hours old, said Hoquiam Police Chief Jeff Myers, acting as the public information officer.

Myers said the woman was walking in the 200 block of Fisher Avenue N.E. and noticed a rag hanging on a branch. She looked closer and saw the child’s body. Ocean Shores paramedics responded, but the child was already deceased.

Myers said the child was Caucasian, but no other details about the child were released. An autopsy is planned.

The birth likely did not occur where the body was found and likely not in a medical setting, the Hoquiam chief said. And the mother may be in need of medical attention, he said.

Stormy conditions, with wind and rain, prevented investigators from processing the scene for evidence Friday night. Ocean Shores officers were planning to be there all night to guard the scene and investigators will process the area Saturday morning.

Anyone who knows anything about the case is encouraged to call an Ocean Shores officer through the dispatch line at 533-8765, or the Ocean Shores tip line at 289-1265.