New postmaster coming to Aberdeen

The U.S. Postal Service has named Brad Schamber as the new postmaster for the Aberdeen Post Office.

Schamber currently lives in Hoquiam and has extensive experience working as a supervisor for the post offices in Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Montesano. He is serving as the acting postmaster in Redmond and is scheduled to start his new job in Aberdeen this July.

Former postmaster Jerry Lane resigned his post in July of last year to take a promotion at the Denver Post Office. Lane had been in his position since 1999.

Schamber, 45, graduated from Aberdeen High School in 1984. He started his postal career as a city carrier in Aberdeen in 1989. He was selected as an intern manager with the Post Office’s Associated Supervisor Program in 1997, worked mail processing plants and customer service in Olympia, before taking leadership roles in post offices in Aberdeen, Hoquiam and Montesano.

Schamber says he has an 18-year-old daughter and a 15-year-old son, who will attend Aberdeen High School. They live in Aberdeen with their mom part of the time.

The Aberdeen Post Office serves as the central hub for deliveries made in both Aberdeen and Hoquiam.

“Our office covers the area all the way out to Ocean Shores and all the way to Westport with roughly 19,000 deliveries a day,” Schamber said. “We have 18 city routes, two rural routes and three contract routes. The big challenge is to give the service we need to give to make us relevant to our community.”

He notes that Aberdeen is the only post office on the Harbor that is open on Saturdays.

“We have one of the best operations in the district,” he said. “Our window service is impeccable. To test the retail customer experience, the Postal Service sends in a shopper and we don’t know who it is to evaluate displays, product lines and how clerks do their jobs. We received seven ‘100 percents’ in a row and the carrier support staff is outstanding. Aberdeen is very fortunate to have the post office it has.”

Frankly, Schamber said the biggest issue his carriers have to deal with is the tried and true cliché — the dog.

“Seriously, we need a public service announcement to tell people to keep their dogs on a leash,” Schamber said. “Even I’ve been bit on a route. It’s a serious problem with both Aberdeen and Hoquiam. We get carriers chased all the time and when you have a vicious dog, we’ll stop delivering to a whole neighborhood sometimes. So when you see a dog loose, call your local animal control to get that dog off the street. We view all dogs as an issue, whether they’re little dogs or big dogs. This is a big issue to us.”