New totem pole in place for Paddle to Quinault

Preparations for the Paddle to Quinault came one step closer to completion Tuesday when crews erected the site’s new totem pole at Point Grenville.

The pole was hand-carved from a 100-foot western red cedar by James DeLaCruz Jr., Marco Black and Bryan Comenout. The three carvers finished carving and painting the totem pole last week. DeLaCruz designed the pole, which is decorated with figures of men and animals. Comenout said carving the pole took about four months.

The carvers spent much of Monday and Tuesday hollowing out the back of the pole so it could be fitted with a metal rod, which serves as the totem pole’s main support. The totem pole was lifted by a crane Tuesday and bolted into place. Guy Capoeman, the Paddle to Quinault event organizer, said it would be dedicated at a ceremony on Saturday.