No changes in latest vote tally —Cormier, Gordon ahead, Fire District 5 behind

MONTESANO — There were no major changes in the latest election tally released by the Grays Harbor Auditor’s Office on Thursday. The results came a day earlier than expected and added 4,263 ballots to the county’s tally, bringing the total ballots cast to 28,791 out of 38,307 registered voted. That’s a turnout of 75 percent.

Republican Wes Cormier appears to have unseated Democratic Commissioner Terry Willis with 956 ballots separating the candidates. That’s a better showing for Cormier. On Election Day, 845 votes separated the candidates. He received 51.8 percent of the vote.

Democrat Frank Gordon still leads Republican Allan Shores with 57 percent of the vote.

For the open PUD commissioner seat, Arie Callaghan is beating Chris Thomas with 57 percent of the vote.

Fire District 5’s levy lift continues to fail. On Election Day, the measure was down by 156 votes. Updated results have it down by 179 votes with 54 percent of the voters rejecting it.

On the Harbor, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rob Mckenna gained ground over Democrat Jay Inslee. Inslee is still ahead, but by a smaller margin than on Election Day — 468 votes separate the candidates now compared to 568 on Election Day. Inslee has 50.83 percent on the Harbor. Inslee still leads state results, as well.

The election is certified on Nov. 27.

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