No cuts for Elma next year

Revenue is slightly down, but otherwise Elma’s budget is in good shape for 2013, Mayor David Osgood said. The budget has no layoffs or cuts of any kind.

“I hope things change within the next two years, but we’re still doing OK,” Osgood said.

The estimated ending fund balance is only about 3 percent, where Osgood said he would prefer closer to 5 percent, but he said the city may still have some money left at the end of this year to carry over and bulk up next year’s budget.

Typically the city tends to underestimate its revenue, Osgood said, mainly to ensure there aren’t shortfalls in the budget. This year, though, the estimate turned out to be fairly accurate.

“We don’t overestimate our revenue at all, I’ve never done that,” he said.

The Elma City Council is set to approve the budget at its Dec. 3 meeting at Elma City Hall.