Not guilty plea in courthouse assault

A 28-year-old Shelton man pleaded not guilty Monday to an assault charge stemming from an incident where he allegedly shoved a court security officer last week.

Jeremy L. McCracken is charged with third-degree assault after he allegedly shoved Deputy Director of Security David Haller April 16.

Grays Harbor Superior Court Judge David Edwards found McCracken in contempt of court during a dependency hearing involving his daughter, but when a court security officer tried to take him into custody, according to court documents, McCracken said, “You will not touch me.”

When McCracken started walking toward the door, Haller got out his handcuffs and told McCracken to stop. He reiterated, “Nobody’s going to touch me,” and when Haller reached for his arm, McCracken struck him in the chest with his fist.

The blow knocked Haller off his feet, into the heavy wooden pews.

McCracken’s father calmed him down and the Shelton man was eventually taken into custody without further incident.

Haller was not seriously injured.

McCracken is held in Grays Harbor County Jail with $100,000 bail.