Oceanographer at GHC Jan. 24

Noted University of Washington oceanographer John Delaney will speak at Grays Harbor College’s Bishop Center Jan. 24 on efforts to create a cable network of deep-ocean sensors.

Delaney heads a UW team that has begun implanting robotic sensor arrays along the Juan de Fuca Ridge and other ocean sites, as well as on the ocean floor. All sites will be linked to the Internet via submarine electro-optical cables, forming a system to document and measure erupting volcanoes, undersea earthquakes, storms and other aspects of ocean behavior

Delaney will share his studies of the physical, chemical and biological mid-ocean interactions and his plan to gather unprecedented amounts of oceanic data. His program will begin at 7 p.m.and is open to the public at no charge.

“We are pleased that John Delaney is coming to the Harbor to share his cutting-edge research project,” said Grays Harbor College President Ed Brewster. “Findings from his team’s oceanic cable network could have very positive implications for the Harbor and our life here.”

Delaney’s efforts to gather unprecedented amounts of oceanic data are part of the National Science Foundation’s Ocean Observatories Initiative. In addition to his research project, Delaney heads the Oceanography Department within the University of Washington School of Environment.

While visiting the Harbor, Delaney also will meet with students at Stevens Elementary School and Miller Junior High, participating in Aberdeen’s STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum. In addition, he will meet with GHC math and science faculty and give a special daytime presentation for students on the GHC campus