Olympic Stadium ranked among “coolest” for baseball

Olympic Stadium in Hoquiam was recently rated one of America’s coolest high school baseball venues by MaxPreps.com, a high school sports website powered by CBS.

The stadium was one of 10 listed, with honorees located in towns and cities across the country. Olympic Stadium made the cut because it is possibly the only stadium built by the Works Progress Administration, a New Deal agency employing people during the Great Depression, still in operation.

The MaxPreps.com said, “This ballpark undoubtedly has its sagging spots and creaks when you walk in the grandstands, and that’s what makes it so great.”

The article quotes Rick Anderson, sports editor for The Daily World.

“It’s a good example of an old-time stadium that isn’t a dump.” Anderson said. “The City of Hoquiam has done enough upgrades over the years that attending a game there is still a pleasant viewing experience. It’s also one of the few older stadiums that is equally suitable for football and baseball.”