Police respond to assault, have brief standoff

A 30-year-old Aberdeen man was treated and released on Sunday for injuries sustained in what he said was an assault with a gun and a stabbing by two male acquaintances, according to Aberdeen Police.

At about 4:15 p.m. Sunday police were called to Second Avenue and A Street on reports of an incident, said Capt. John Green. When police arrived, they noted some blood in the street. While questioning neighbors, police learned the man had been transported by a friend to Grays Harbor Community Hospital, where he was treated and released.

Green noted the victim has “had a lot of contact with law enforcement in his life.” Aberdeen Police spoke with the victim at the hospital, who reported he had been struck repeatedly with a fire arm by one man and the other cut his head with a knife. “He was conscious and alert while talking to us,” Green said. The victim reported he had been having problems with the two men who alleged assaulted him. “Everyone involved has a lot of history with law enforcement; we don’t know what a motive might be,” Green said.

A little more than two hours later police were called to the 1100 block of Lindstrom Street. Green said the reporting party said he heard a “couple of gunshots and glass shatter.” Because of the safety issues, officers responded and surrounded the duplex where the neighbor reported he had heard the noise, Green said. The neighbor then reported the noise may have been guns or fireworks.

Once people were cleared from the premises, police swept the house and discovered three additional people and no firearms.

One man was arrested for warrants concerning possession of drug paraphernalia, and another male was arrested for a driving warrant and a department of corrections warrant.

The only connection between the two incidents, Green said, was a car that had been parked at Second Street during that incident was also parked at Lindstrom Street during that disturbance. The registered owner has been contacted.

Aberdeen Police are continuing the investigations.