Port OKs rail traffic study

The Port of Grays Harbor signed on Tuesday to a plan to study rail and vehicle traffic, particularly around East Aberdeen.

Grays Harbor County, the Port of Grays Harbor and the city of Aberdeen are entering into a special interlocal agreement to fund a study of conflicting rail and vehicle traffic. The study would include consultants working on preliminary investigation, engineering and planning to improve traffic and safety throughout the rail corridor.

The cost of the $24,884 study would be split evenly between the three entities. Port Executive Director Gary Nelson said the Port has looked at some options to cope with the problem but needed more information.

“We’ve looked at a couple of different options, and I certainly wouldn’t say there’s a preferred alternative,” Nelson said.

He said rail traffic from Ag Processing Inc.’s grain and soybean shipments for the first quarter of this year was double AGP’s previous best quarter. It just goes to show the need for a good plan for peaceful coexistence between car and train traffic will only grow.

County Commissioners approved the study Monday, and the Aberdeen City Council is expected to consider it this week.