Prosecutor’s son charged with assault

The son of a prosecutor with the Grays Harbor County Prosecutor’s Office is accused of holding a gun to the head of his estranged wife and threatening to kill her in an incident that was overheard by their 10-year-old daughter, according to court documents.

Kadar F. Leraas, 32, the son of Senior Deputy Prosecutor William Leraas, is charged with second-degree domestic violence assault while armed with a deadly weapon.

Leraas is accused of going to his estranged wife’s house in Westport at about 1:50 a.m. Sept. 29, entering her bedroom and grabbing her by the throat.

According to court documents, he allegedly held a pistol with a silencer to her head, saying, “Tell me one reason why I shouldn’t kill you.”

At that point their 10-year-old daughter, who was in another room, began to vomit and call for her mother to help her. The woman went to her daughter and was able to send a text message to a Westport Police Department officer for help.

Westport Police officers responded and detained Leraas at his truck outside the house until Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived.

When officers asked whether the silenced pistol, visible in his truck, was loaded and ready to fire, court documents indicate Leraas told them that if it wasn’t “it would just be a two-pound brick.”

The daughter told police she woke up to her parents fighting, and heard Leraas threaten her mother’s life.

The Prosecutor’s Office and all three Superior Court judges have recused themselves from the case. Thurston County Deputy Prosecutor Cailen Wevodau is the prosecutor. Pacific County Superior Court Judge Michael Sullivan presided over Leraas’ arraignment Oct. 8, where he pleaded not guilty. Sullivan will likely preside if the case goes to trial, currently scheduled for Dec. 3. The trial would take place in Grays Harbor County. Leraas is held in Grays Harbor County Jail with $100,000 bail.