Quinault Nation drops requirement to remove docks from lake

Lake Quinault property owners no longer have to remove their docks from the water, after a Monday decision by Quinault Indian Nation leadership.

The Quinault Business Committee, the tribe’s governing body, has passed several regulations this year restricting access to the lake. In April, the tribe prohibited all non-tribal fishing in Lake Quinault, and outlawed all non-tribal swimming and boating in June. The swimming ban was lifted in July, but lake residents received notices later that month requiring them to remove their docks from the lake.

Applications for permits to remove docks were due July 31.

According to a press release sent out by the tribe, the Quinault Business Committee will soon adopt a series of regulations regarding dock size, materials and spacing.

“We still have concerns about impacts from boating, particularly the introduction of invasive species,” said Quinault President Fawn Sharp in the press release. “Our objective is to protect this sacred lake from unregulated use, pollution of all kinds and invasive plant and animal species, and to assure its safety and purity for our people today and for future generations,” she said.