Rain Derby winners announced

The winner of the Hoquiam Lions Club’s annual 67th annual Rain Derby missed the 2012 precipitation totals by just .01 inches for the year.

Gary Lee held the winning rainfall guess of 62.39 inches, with the year-to-date official Hoquiam rainfall totals ending at 62.38 inches as of the final reading on Dec. 31.

Lee edged out G. Richters (who guessed 62.37 inches) and also had the closer guess on the tie-breaking December totals. A total of 10.38 inches fell in December, and Lee guessed 12.31 inches while Richters guessed 6.37.

Lee was awarded the $1,000 top prize, while Richters got $200. Others getting $200 were: Risto Tuominen (annual, 62.37, December total, 17.13), Lytle Seafoods (62.41, 12.40), and Al Gregory (62.35, 12.60).