Raymond Man Arrested in Connection With Adna-Area Shooting

A Raymond man has been arrested and charged with first-degree assault and drive-by shooting in relation to a fight at an Adna gas station Tuesday.

The man, 36-year-old Gilbert Borquez, was also charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a firearm — one count for being a convicted felon and another for the illegal, 15-inch barrel, sawed-off, pistol-grip shotgun Borquez allegedly possessed at the time of the dispute.

Superior Court Judge Richard Brosey set his bail at $100,000.

The declaration of probable cause, filed in Lewis County Superior Court Thursday afternoon, alleges Borquez was involved in the dispute at the gas station at the intersection of Highway 603 and state Route 6 at about 10:20 a.m. Tuesday.

He allegedly fired a shotgun at a car, according to court documents.

The three vehicles involved fled the scene prior to law enforcement’s arrival, according to documents. One of the men, Robert R. Ogilvie, 42, of South Bend, fled on foot and was caught by police in a swamp later in the day.

Police also stopped one of the fleeing vehicles, a Silver Jeep Cherokee, on state Route 6 at mile marker 38, according to court documents.

While the occupants in the vehicle were uncooperative, police were able to get their names and identities, according to court documents. No firearm was located in that car.

Known to Pacific County cops

Police then contacted Pacific County law enforcement and learned Borquez, who has distinct tattoos on his face, head and neck, was known to spend time with the people contacted in the car, according to court documents. Borquez also matched the description that one of the witnesses gave police.

Following his arrest, Borquez told police that at 9 a.m. Tuesday, three men and one woman, all acquaintances of Borquez, came to his house and requested he help “intimidate” the ex-boyfriend of the woman, who they said had stolen her rental car and $500 from her the night before.

The individuals were named in court documents, but they have not been arrested.

One of the men told Borquez that he had contacted the ex-boyfriend and had convinced him to meet in Adna for a drug deal, according to court documents.

The plan, according to court documents, was to rush up to the car during the drug deal, force him out, and take the woman’s rental car back. One of the men urged Borquez to bring his shotgun because the ex-boyfriend was likely armed.

Borquez told police that once they were at the gas station and met the ex-boyfriend, Borquez went up to the driver’s side door and attempted to get him out of the car. Once at the door, he noticed the ex-boyfriend had a handgun, so Borquez went back to his car and got the shotgun.

The ex-boyfriend then started to drive off erratically and Borquez told police he accidentally fired one round from the shotgun into the ground, according to court documents.

Prosecutors, however, allege Borquez fired the shotgun at the fleeing vehicle, according to court documents. Borquez ditched the gun in a bush. It was later located by police.

He will be arraigned next Thursday.